Ven 10

Ven 10 in her 1st Series


Ven 10 in "Ven 10: Omniverse: Rise of the Heroes"

Ven 10 is the wielder and creator of the Ganamatrix.


Ven 10

On Ven 10 , Ven looks like Kevin Levin from the Original Series, but wearing the Ganamatrix a red and pink striped shirt, pink sweatpants and gray and pink tennis shoes. In season 2, Ven's appearance completely changed, just for a reference to Avatar: Legend of Korra. The Ganamatrix takes a "mobile form" of a set of earrings.

Ven 10: Omniverse

In Ven 10: Omniverse Rise of the Heroes, Ven dresses alot like Omniverse Ben...


  • Ven's not Ven's real name (Sorry. It's Classified).
  • In reality, Ven does not have black hair, she's a blondie.


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