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Season 1, Episode 8
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This is the 8th episode of the Ben 10,000: How It All Started


A chemical is starting to leak from the power plant in Bellwood 2.0 and it hit a few citizens and they turned into aliens.Ben 10,000 is called to the job and he calls in Kevin to fight the aliens while he goes Big Chill and heads to seal up the leak.He blows ice onto it and it stops leaking then he goes XLR8 and runs back to Kevin.He tells Kevin he is going to Galvan Prime and finding Azmuth."I'll need to borrow the Rust Bucket 3 bye" said Ben 10,000.Once at Galvan Prime Ben 10,000 told Azmuth that he need the feature to fuse powers and only gain aliens abilities.Azmuth said, "NO.You may think you mature but your not."Then Ben 10,000 went Ultimate Humongasaur after Humongasaur and smashed through the wall and saw the new Omnitrix Azmuth made.The Omnimatrix 10,000.Ben 10,000 hooks up the Ultimatrix to it and imports all his data and puts on the new Omnimatrix 10,000.Then he rushes back to Earth and becomes Ultimate Ben.Then he fuses NRG who is resistant to chemicals and XLR8 together and he quickly cleans up all the radiation then he gets all the mutated alien people to a hospital.Afterward he loses the powers and learns he gained his Anodite powers.Then he takes Kevin home with Jetray powers and he goes home to see Julie.


  • Ben 10,000
  • Citizens
  • Kevin
  • Azmuth
  • Julie (Mentioned)


None, only the Toxic Waste

Aliens Used

  • Big Chill
  • Humungousaur
  • Ultimate Humungousaur

Aliens' Powers Used

  • NRG and XLR8 (Combined)
  • Jetray


The first combo Ben has is between his aliens that are not spelled how they sound, NRG and XLR8.