In this episode Methsonians take over Belwood.They then infect the Ultimatrix so Ben can only go plant aliens(Swampfire and Ultimate Swampfire).Ben then goes Swampfire and starts to burn all the other Methsonians.Then he gets to the king an Ultimate Methsonian.He challenges him a battle.Ben then goes Ultimate Swampfire and attacks with blue fire.The Methsonian King does also.It is just blue fire vs blue fire until Ben shoots fire bombs and defeats the king.He calls the Plumbers again.Yet again Daggergor beats them.He asks do you want to join my army?He replies yes.Then the plumbers get there and aren't surprised that he is gone.

Major Events

The Methsonian King joins Daggergor's Army.






Methsonian King


Aliens Used


Ultimate Swampfire

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