A New Alphatrix, Part 2
Season 1, Episode 2
Written by IRONHIDE12
Directed by IRONHIDE12
Episode Guide
A New Alphatrix, Part 1
A New Alphatrix, Part 3
A New Alphatrix, Part 2 is Episode 2 of Sif 100.


Unknown: Now the power is coming to me the alpha is here

Mayson: Sir there might be a small problem

Unknown: How small

Mayson: Sif has the alphatrix and he's wearing it

Unknown: Seriously i knew he was gonna wear it DO YOU THINK IM STUPID

Mayson: No sir

Mayson Narrator: Actually i do think he is stupid

Unknown Narrator: Hey i heard that


Sif: Bradly i got something its a secret can u keep a secret

Bradly: Yes

Sif: I have this strange device looks like a watch it has 100 alien's in it and...

Bradly: Whoa whoa whoa 100 aliens strange device your talking crazy

Sif: Don't believe me (Slaps alphatrix)

Lodestar: LODESTAR!!!

Lodestar: Now you believe me

Bradly: Oh my god turn into another monster

Lodestar: Its alien's but okay (Slaps alphatrix)

Four arms: FOUR ARMS!!!

Four arms: Anymore aliens

Bradly: Do you have a plant type alien

Four arms: Your asking to much

Bradly: Please please please

Four arms: Fine

Bradly: Yay

(slaps alphatrix)

Swampfire: SWAMPFIRE!!!


Mayson: So i found a way to find the alpha but its gonna need life energy

Unknown: Take mine

Mayson: But sir you'll die


Mayson: But sir you'll die

Unknown DO IT

Mayson: Here goes nothing


Criminal's escaping from jail

Sif: You guys chose the wrong guy to mess with

Slaps alphatrix

Chamalien: CHAMALIEN!!!

Chamalien: Hey guys go back to jail or i'l force you to

Robber 1: No what r u gonna do about it

Chamalien: Looks like i'l force you guys

Chamalien puches all the crooks

Robber 2: Please no

Slaps alphatrix

Eatle: EATLE!!!

Eatle: Now do i do it

Robber 3: Ive got a gun

Eatle: Well it wont work

Robber 3: oh

Eatle punches every robber

One hour later

Eatle: Well that took a lot of energy

Slaps alphatrix

Jetray: JETRAY!!!


Mayson: I see you sif you can't hide from me forever

Mayson see's sif

Mayson: Gotcha

Sif: What the get off of me

Slaps alphatrix

Heatblast: HEATBLA...

Mayson: Stupid robots i need more training

Unknown: What HAPPENED

Mayson: Sir your alive but how

Unknown: I told you i have extra lives

Mayson: I don't know what that means but okay

Unknown: So where is the thing you told me about

Mayson: What thing?

Unknown: The one THAT WILL CATCH SIF!!!!

Mayson: Oh

Mayson: Here sir this tracking device will find sif for sure or his alphatrix

Unknown: Perfect

Later at sif's house

Sif: Mom what for dinner?

Sif: Mom you there

See's a message at his computer

Message says....

Sif i got your friend Bradly and your mom faith if you wanna see them alive again then you better give me the alpha if u come here and attack then i will kill your friends and family -Mayson grey Address will be sent in another message

Sif: Oh my god Mayson YOUR GOING DOWN


Unknown: Do you think he will be here

Mayson: Uh yeah thats for sure

Faith: let us go sif didn't do anything

Mayson: He did thats why were sending him the wrong address the place we sent him was a trap

Bradly: Well he has a watch that will make him be a monster

Faith: Are you that stupid

Bradly: Im serious


Sif: Let them go

Mayson: How did u find us

Sif: Ultimate wildmutt

Mayson: Oh

Time to go hero

Slaps alphatrix


Overkill: OVERKILL

Unknown: Not so fast will be the one to destroy you

Overkill: We will see about that

Unknown: Yeah we will it will be your doom muhahahahahaaaaaa

(To be continued)


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