A Sudden Preparation
Season 3, Episode 3
Air date 4/22/2012
Written by User:Ahmad15
Directed by User:Ahmad15
Episode Guide
A Frenemy
A battle in a war
A Sudden Preparation is the Third Episode in Ahmad 15's Third Season.


Ahmad took The Ahmadatrix from Azmuth and wore it.

Ahmad: Ultimate Two! I will Stop You! (dials) Games, Fusing... What is Panic Mode?

Azmuth: You'll Learn about it Later.

Ahmad: Let's Fuse.... (Dials) And (Presses Activater then Dials) Now! (Slams Face)

Theme song!

Diamond Matter: Cool! (fires Projectiles) Little Sharp Smart! Hey, What if.... (Jumps and fires Projectiles building Platform.) Diamond Matter!

Meanwhile, Kevin was absorbing Alan's Powers.

Kevin: Power! (absorbs Manny) Even More Power! (absorbs Helen) I feel... (absorbs Pierce) Absolute!

Damha was writing a code.

Ultimatrix: ChamAlien Unlocked (Damha retypes) Four Arms Unlocked! (Damha retypes) Storm Unlocked.

Oussama was training on His Powers. He absorbed the ground and ran to hit and break the Wall. He absorbed his watch and Jumped.

Diamond Matter was still Practicing when A thief went by. Diamond Matter shot it and killed him.

Woman: Thanks... (takes her Purse)

Azmuth held the Ultimatrix and put it in a box. Inside the Box: Ultimatrix, Unitrix, Ascalon, Potis Alitaire, And the third Omnitrix.

Azmuth: Third Omnitrix, I wanted to give it to Ben, I may give it to Ahmad when he is 18. But no. Ahmad is too young for the Ahmadatrix I gave it to him. I made it for him, but He is young. Ok, I will take it back after he stops the Ultimate Two.

Ahmad as Mater was fighting in solid Mode another theif when he timed out. He punched the theif and killed him.

Azmuth: Ahmad, Stop.

Ahmad's Plumber Badge started beaping.




Aliens Used


  • Azmuth reveals many of his Inventions. This is a replacement of a whole Season.
  • A call from a Plumber Badge indicates the Main event of the next episode.
  • Ahmad gets the Ahmadatrix.

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