Sai's ultimatrix

A new wielder is the first episode of the series sai 10.


Ben is fighting with his 2 bitter enemies Aggregor and Vilgax with fourarms.When he is defeated he turns humangasaur and gets defeated again then turns waybig and knocks of vilgax but is shocked by aggregor's weapon.Then he tries diamond but is defeated.He finally turns into Alien X and gets rid of aggregor throwing him into the negative zone but is stuck in the Alien X form and the ultimatx removes itself and falls on earth and is picked by a boy named saikrishna.He knew about the ultimatrix as it came in cartoons but didnt know it existed.He wears the ultimatrix and quickly turns into Xlr8 and returns home and tells his mom about the ultimatrix.Meanwhile Ben is rescued from vilgax but a spaceship.Now vilgax tries to find the ultimatix but is defeated easily by sai as xlr8 at night.Sai goes to school with the ultimatrix with a new look on his face.The ultimatrix changed his look making more handsome.The principal calls sai as her father was once a plumber and tells about the device which sai already knows.Suddenly Vilgax attacks the school when sai's friend joshi joy tries to defend the school from him.When sai tries to turn into an alien the ultimatrix teleports all the four to primus.Sai tries to find them as they were not telported at one place they were scatered.A ray of light blasts inside the volcanic mountain.He goes there in 3 seconds with Xlr8 and sees his friend who is actually a mutated osmosian and his principal tied to the wall blow which was the codon stream where he pushes vilgax.Vilgax for the second time he grows into 200 ft tall.Azmuth arrives and is now afraid that the ultimatrix will be n the hands of vilgax but is actually defeated by sai as waybig.Azmth is pleased by sai and lets him keep the ultimatrix and drop them at their school and heals joshi joy.


  • Ben
  • Saikrishna
  • Principal
  • Sai' friends
  • Joshi joy
  • Azmuth


  • Vilgax
  • Aggregor

Aliens used

  • xlr8 x3(sai)
  • waybig(both)
  • Diamondhead(ben)
  • Fourarms(ben)
  • Humangasaur(ben)
  • Alien X(ben)

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