Ace Samsara is half Human and half Skygearian.His mother was a Skygearian and his father was Huaman.


Ace is a lone wolf. He dose not really like to be in a place with too many people. He is a to much of a bad guy but he has his ups and downs. For the most part he likes to be alone and watch the stars and night. He dose not like to go to school and has bad grades. He is strong because he has studied martial arts.


Ace has black spikey hair and brown eyes. Most of the time he wears casual cloth but under them he wears martial arts cloths.

He has a tatto on his left hand that looks like a raven.

Once he transforms into his alien form he growns black wings and a pair of horns on his head, he gets a tatto on his body and his eye color changes.

-94-Devil Jin

Ace's alien form

524px-Jin t5

Ace's battle appearance


For the most time he looks like a normal human but when he transforms in his alien form he gets looks different.

  • Super Strength
  • Super Agility
  • Super Sonic screaming
  • Super Speed
  • Abel to see in dark
  • Flight
  • Martial Arts
  • Control electricity

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