In this episode Ben finds out that Aggregor has a twin brother named Daggergor. He becomes Big Chill and tries to freeze him,but it didn't work. Daggergor then absorbs the power of Big Chill. Ben then goes Ditto and starts to dog pile Daggergor! Then absorb the power of ditto and makes 2 of him. Ben then goes EchoEcho and turns in Ultimate EchoEcho and Shoots him with sonic discs and disrupts his ears causing him to lose all his powers. Then he escapes and Ben goes home.

Major Events

  • Ben meets Daggergor


  • Ben


  • Daggergor

Aliens Used


  • When Daggergor absorbs the powers the gets half of them instead of 1/10?


  • Ben as EchoEcho:Time to Go Ultimate!
  • Ben:I thought you died, Aggregor!
  • Daggergor:No, I'm his twin brother Daggergor!

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