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These are all alien fusions made by Turu17. If any one would like an alien fusion or a haywire just leave a comment! In the gallery there are some of my fusions. Please leave some comments as well, about your wanted fusion.

A special thanks to all my fans for the support and requests, MADE OVER A 170 FUSIONS!! I hope you all like my work kuz i like to fuse aliens like this so thanks again!

Favorite Fusions list (choose your fav. fusion)

-Turu17 - Ultimate warrior (Why - looks cool)

Alien fusions by turu17

-Redo - Fastsaur (Why - Very blue and cool)

-Batking - Chamgax (Why - I asked for him and sweet looking combo)

-Awesomatehero - Triple Element Komodo

-Markmossing - Anochill

-Nano623 - Blobheat

-Ryan(accountless) - HumngoChill (Why - because the name sounds cool)

-Thomas - Clockeatle (Why- He looks super-awesome and monsterous) and Echofreak (Why- Ghostfreak's face on Echo Echo's head looks creepy and cool)

-Poptropica123123 - Clockeatle (He's super awesome!)

-Levin RATH - Anochill (The purple looks so awesome on the cloak!)

-Lego Master - Hublockasaur (Ya know how you hate it when you step on a LEGO? Have you ever wondered what it's like to be that brick? Well with him, LEGOs step on you!!)

Fan List

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