This contest is made to determine the best alien in the wiki. The winner recieves a specially desighned wallpaper on their talk page and a secret prize, both pertaining to the judge's series Tech 10: Ultimatrix unleashed.

Alien creation contest
Rockoustic twopointo
Contest holder: CHromastoneandTabby

1st place


2nd place


Third place

Ultimate Alien

This contest is now closed, and up for deletion.


  • You must enter an alien of your desighn - no copies.
  • The alien does not have to have a picture, but it is reccomended.
  • You can only enter one alien in the contest.
  • You can not replace an alien that you have entered, so think carefully.
  • The deadline is August 19, 2:00 PM. (I just realized that I wouldn't be available at the former date. Scout stuff.)
  • You must accept the ranking the judge gives your alien. No changing around scores.
  • A link to your alien is not required, but appreciated.
  • All images, and anything inside the images, must be made by you.


  • TheHubNetwork-------------- Survive --- Judge's ranking: 4
  • Ultimate alien-------------- Sharktooth --- Judge's ranking: 5
  • Omernoy121................Whirlwind (I know he has some of BenTwister's powers but I never knew about BenTwister when I made up the alien)--- Judge's ranking: 6
  • Charbel2001................Dooms Day --- Judges ranking:6
  • Newguy333...................Ultimate Batto

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