There are some aliens which are captured during the episode of Around the Universe in 80 Days. They are Plesiosaur, Joker, Irisben, Emperben, Thundersaurus, and many others.

Okay, we'll start!


Joker is a Clian from Planet Thalios. Joker can make psychic connections between many people, but it is mute. Joker looks funny and make even a sadistic person to laugh! Joker's weakness is that he cannot talk or see a person if a object is covering it. He can be killed by deadly chemicals.


Plesiosaur is a Thallasauran from planet Aquarios. It can freeze enemies with its horns. Plesiosaur feeds on wood from its planet. It is a long necked, iguana-like alien. Aquarios was described by Ben as the home of aquatians.


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