The Alientrix (short for Alienmatrix) is a devolved form of the Ultimatrix, but it has some features the Omnitrix doesn't.


Original 10


  • Scan/Capture Mode (Green) - This mode allows the wearer to scan or capture alien DNA when near (at least in a distance of 10 feet or closer).
  • SDM Mode (Self Distruct Mode) (Orange) -
  • Radiation Detector (Red) - This allows the wearer to detect radiation.
  • Travel Mode - This allows the wearer to travel all oround the universe!
  • Reset Mode - Like the Ultimatrix and the Omnitrix, this allows the wearer to change things abpout the Alientrix such as its color, timer, master control, remove the Alientrix, and even stop SDM Mode.
  • Recalibration Mode (Purple) - When the Alientrix is either tampered with or changed to a different person/put back on when the person is older, it recalibrates to where the wearer can feel comfortable.

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