AUH Title

My Self-Drawn Logo featuring the Symbol used by Ultra Forms

Alix- Ultra Heroes

A Cool-Text logo created for the announcement of the series

Alix- Ultra Heroes is a Reboot of an old story by the name Alix- United Heroes.


Alix is a teenage raised and trained by a shadowy organization bent on destroying the plumbers.  But when after his first mission fails, he is captured by the one organization he has been trained to defeat.  That's when he learns that everything he's been told is a lie.  When he teams up with a team of 3 other teens to help take down the ones who raised and lied him, the battle will begin.

Timeline Info

This timeline took place without Ben's secret being revealed. Aliens still remained rumors. Many adventures with Ben and the gang never occurred. With the help of Galapagus and Bivalvan, who both became scientists after the events of Absolute Power, a machine designed to make a gateway between two galaxies- Andromeda and Milky Way. With that, the plumbers became able to explore and protect two galaxies. New planets' species, and characters are bound to appear.