Alltha Ahtlla an alien that had took the form of a 16 year old boy and lives as a homeless teenage. But Dr. Animo who was next door to his alley home. Alltha had came and stolen Dr. Animo's new creation which was a device that could transform animals into a new "enhanced" forms.


Dr. Animo had created a device that had regular animal DNA and had enhased them to become super powered animals.

Animals Creatures

  1. Leo-Ror (mamal)
  2. Whaaaa (mammal)
  3. Wo Wo (bird)
  4. Robind (bird)
  5. Crocagator (reptile)
  6. Pinton (reptile)
  7. Sharkpy (fish)
  8. Fire Ant (insect)
  9. Mostic (insect)
  10. Ampfibain (fish) (ultimate alien)

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