The Andromeda Spaceship is a ship buit to keep the galaxy safe and happy. Designed as a massive cruise ship, the Andromeda
Andromeda Spaceship

The Andromeda Spaceship

kept everyone aboard fed and entertained and of course safe as it cruised through space. The ship was crewed almost entirely by robots, though there was a Transylian captain. The majority of the ship's functions were handled by its computer.The Spaceship 19,999 rooms + the captain's room wich makes 20,000 rooms. The ship is incredibly large and capable of carrying up to thousand of people.


The ship is very well armed, having many lasers and other weapons but his armour is not very effective.Speed of the ship is very high - it had pursued many smaller ships without any difficulty.The ship is weaponed with four cluster of four laser turret (secondary weapon), and large, forward gun, targeted by turning the entire
Escape Pod

An Escape Pod

spacecraft.It is opperated entirely by the captain's robot crew.

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