General Information
Species Celestialsapien
Home World Forge of Creation
Friends Terox (formerly)
Daniel Rivers
Shiar Shreen
Miguel Rivers (deceased)
Toon Shreen
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Abilities and Equipment
Abilities Omnipotence
Extreme Condition
Equipment Staff
Voice Actor Mike McFarland
First Appearance Mig X: Revolution
Apokalise is a main character in Mig X: Revolution.


The picture shows it.

Powers & Abilities

Given that he is a Celestialsapien, although weakened, he has near omnipotence and peak enhanced condition.


Apokalipse was born many centuries ago, and was also interested in that of humanity. Several times he traveled there, disguised as a human, to find out more of this interesting species, however this made him lose his way and his powers began to grow weaker and weaker, until they were nearly gone. Quickly, he escaped Earth and attempted to replenish himself, but found that he could not do so; he was becoming more and more human.

Apokalipse had decided to become a mentor for those looking for aid and guidance in their life, and he would give off fractions of whatever power remained to help people. Terox was one of his disciples. Unfortunately, Terox betrayed him and quickly absorbed him entirely. Knowing soon that this was a mistake, as Apokalipse would often times beat at him, Terox fled to Earth and implanted Apokalipse into Daniel Rivers, knowing that his body could handle the influence of Apokalipse.

As Apokalipse technically got as he wished, living as a human, he grew more and more stronger as he was trapped inside of Dan's mind, sometimes breaching and gaining control over him. His hatred for Terox also grew stronger as the years went by. 



  • Apokalipse had always been conscious inside of Dan.
  • Apokalipse never quite intended to kill Dan, but his lust for getting revenge and escaping to be his own person clouded his mind at times.
  • Apokalipse has pondered siding with Terox, but ultimately decided not to.
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