This is the first promo trailer for Season 1 of Ben 10: Ultimate Dimensions.


     [Ben is fighting Vilgax at the end of The Ultimate Enemy, Part 2. 
     There is a voice over.
     Ben Tennyson defeated the Diagon and Vilgax.
     [The camera now shows Ben making the Omnitrix explode as he did in 
     The Ultimate Choice, Part 1.]
     Ben was a hero, until he made the wrong choice.
     [The screen stays white while the voiceover continues.]
     Imagine a world where your two former best friends [shows Gwen and Kevin], 
     your girlfriend [shows Julie], the inventor of your favorite device [shows
     Azmuth], and one of your former enemies [shows Sir George] are hunting 
     you down. You need not eat, or sleep, and drink. You only need to 
     accomplish your goal, cleanse the world of all evil, permanently.
     [The screen shows the letter Coming This Summer.]
     Coming this summer!
     [The screen begind to show snipits of episodes.]
     [Gwen, on camera, in front of a mountain]: 
     We need your help!
     <code>[Kevin, next to Gwen]: 
     We think Ben may be...
     <code>[Shows a new scene.]
     How can we help him?
     [The scenes continue to flash across the screen as the narrator 
     continues to talk.]
     Ben Tennyson, like you've never seen him before...
     [The scenes continue to flash on the screen becoming more violent 
     as they go on. Each scene is on the screen for about 5 seconds before it
     switches. After a really violent scene showing Ben charging at Kevin, the
     scenes begin to change 3 per second, getting even faster until the screen
     goes blank and the words "Ben" "10" "Ultimate" and "Dimensions" appear on
     the screen one at a time.]
     [The screen stays for about 5 seconds and then switches to the words
     "Summer, 2012" beofre cutting off.]

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