Ben has to go back to school. That may be be bad for him, but the trouble's just starting. Timeking has created his most sinister plot yet, he is realsing all of his villians toghther, right before he sign's a treaty with Vilgax! Can Ben do his school work, and fight both teams!!!

Alien's Used

  • Lodestar
  • Four Arms
  • Jetray
  • Ultimate Jetray
  • Greymatter
  • Rath
  • Ultimate Humongosaur
  • Ultimate Jetray (2nd Time)
  • Ripjaws
  • Diamondhead
  • Stinger
  • Tick Tick
  • Angel
  • Lodestar (2nd Time)


  • This is the 1st 1 Hour Episode in Ultimate Team Tennyson
  • Greymatter's 1st apperence in Ultimate Team Tennyson, and now wears an All-Black shirt.
  • Angel's 1st apperence in Ultimate Team Tennyson, he has also has seemed to get faster.
  • It is reviled that Ultimate Jetray's weakness is Water.
  • Timeking was sent Back in Time Tempory.
  • Kraab is destroyed in this episode when Lodestar rips him apart.

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