Badaboom is a Bombardian from the planet Desplode, second planet of the Chelda System. He can shoot bomb people out of his hands. His body is

General Information
Species Xstander
Home World Desplode
Body humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Explosive abilities
First Appearance Unknown
made of titanium. He has super strength and can do speed up attacks. A lot of alien hunters try to catch Xstanders for their rare fragment of explosion and can destroy an entire planet if not properly used. A hunter named Dagger tried to capture Badaboom.


Unknown series

  • Endangering species The Omniverse part 1 The Omniverse part 3
  • Dangerous body The Omniverse part 2 Anti-bodies

Will 10

BadaBoom appears in the Will 10 Special: Megamatrix City. He has a French Accent in that special Episode.

ben 10 alien alliance

magic world(debut)


Can shoot explosive projectiles (Minibooms) from its palms that can explode on signal if in range. Amount is limited to stamina levels and can be mobile. Can explode own limbs and even self destruct with the control of direction of the explosion. Can regenerate itself after full/part self explosions by attracting back its scattered atoms. Can control magnitude of its explosions from harmless fireworks to grounding a building.Dark colours promote camouflage and stealth. Does not need an atmosphere to live in. Good climber and decent runner.