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Ben and Gwen arrived in Chicago where they were attacked by Vilgax, Hel and Gigante Grande. Gigante Grande ends up changing Hel and Vilgax into Batman and Ben 10. Vilgax as Ben and Hel as Batman (looks like Batty-Girl). Ben 10 and Vilgax Ben 10 had a fist fight but ends up releasing Big Chill from Ben's Omimatrix and Ben mummy from Vilgax's! But ends up being Batman to get Vilgax's Omimatrix. Oh well! So Vilgax ends up being Ben! So Batman destroyed Hel's Batman form and sent her back to Nifheim!!

Aliens used

Big Chill


Chromastone (Vilgax)

Benmummy (Batman)

Benvicktor (Batman)


Vilgax - (laughs)

Batman - Oh man, how do you turn this Omimatrix.


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