This game was created after Battle for the Ultratrix was aired. It was preceded by Ben 10 Ultimate Omnitrix: the Video Game.


After Ben lost the Ultratrix to Hex and Vilgax, Tempeter reads signals from Azmuth that the Ultratrix's DNA samples are spread across the universe. Later Ben was given the original Omnitrix which allows him to change into first only 3 aliens - Buzzshock, Swampfire and Big Chill.

Later, they fight across the planets defeating all bosses. However, Darkstar and Zs'Skayr took the Celestialsapien crystal from the Forge of Creation and kept it in the Null Void. Ben defeats the villains and got the Ultratrix again..

Level 1: Methanos (Walkthrough)

Ben arrived on the planet with Plumber Pyke and Max's message. Gwen tracked down some strange beings and decided to follow it. The level starts, your course of action is what determines the situation. After that, the Axe Minions will appear. Axe Minions will launch their arrows at you. Buzzshock would be the most suitable to fight them. In the second scene, Ben collected the Crystal Arrow from an Axe Minion. This allows you to use Etoile in your battles. Finally, the boss battle begins. The Totem Poles will attack you. Big Chill is not suitable since it is a jungle. The Totem Poles will fire ice at you. Swampfire is the best possible alien. Go through the Totems, they will freeze each other, if you hadn't collected the Echo Echo card, You will not be able to go through them. After the battle, a Totem pole spits out a holographic device which reveals old Max .

Playable Characters



Non Playable Characters

  • Etoile - summonable ally (uses Wind and Energy attacks)
  • Thanatos - Summonable Ally (uses Energy and Fire attacks)
  • Sora - Summonable Ally (uses Energy and Earth attacks)

Orbs and other power-ups

  • Echo Echo Cards - They will emit a Sound Wave which blows the enemies away. (Can be upgraded)
  • Terraspin Cards - This card reduce strength of other opponents (can be upgraded)
  • Kylmyys Orbs - This orb can freeze enemies for 10 seconds (only after finishing Kylmyys)
  • Crystal Cave Orbs - These orbs only appear in the boss battle with Hel, she will use their powers.
  • Dolphin Orbs - Appeared in Viscosia, the Dolphin orbs will detonate every orbs in the area, sometimes killing the character.


  • Methanos - (Obtain the Swampfire Crystal/Methanosian)
  • Kylmyys (Necrofriggian)
  • Encephalonus VI (Cerebrocrustacean}
  • Viscosia (Goop Crystal)
  • Luna Lobo (Loboan Crystal)
  • MorOtesi (Crystalsapien Crystal)
  • Arachnischimmia (Arachnichimp Crystal)
  • Null Void (Celestialsapien crystal)


  • Giant Totem Poles
  • Charmcaster
  • Rojo
  • Darkstar
  • Vilgax
  • Hel
  • Zs'Skayr
  • Darkstar and Zs'Skayr

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