Beeblebrox is a Methanosian who serves as Demonstar's servant and right hand man. He is extremely loyal to Demonstar and

Species: Methanosian
Age: Unknown
Affiliations: Demonstar's Minions
Occupation(s): Servant/Right Handman
Abilities: Fire Bombs, Blue Fire Energy Manipulation, Clorokinesis, Regeneration
Relatives: Athiurex (adoptive brother)
Alias: Unknown

follows his will completely. Still nothing much is known about Beeblebrox except for the fact that he appears devoted to Demonstar and he also shows sign of arrogance towards the people of Earth. He is Athiurex's younger brother.


His pyrokinetic and chlorokinetic abilities are greatly powerful, and he can regenerate body parts. He has incredible speed with his lethal fire bombs that have knocked even Boulder. Beeblebrox shoots blue flames. He also shoots a huge pyrokinetic beam when he combines his hands together. He also posseses super strength.

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