Ben's Choice is the pilot episode of Ben 10: Enter the Net.


Things aren't going well for Ben, but things seem better when a magician tells Ben he can change his world. Ben accepts, and is trapped inside the internet!


-Ben walked up to where his car- Or where it should have been- was.-

(Ben): Where is my car!?

-Ben picked up a note. It read:

Hello, random person. I stole your car. Seriously, who keeps their car keys in their car?-


-Ben was walking down the street with Julie and Ship.-

(Julie): Ben, listen. We can't be together.... You're a superhero with a watch that's almost always on the job. And I'm a normal teenager.

(Ben): What you're saying is...?

(Julie): Sorry, but, we're through.

-Julie ran off.-

(Ship): Ship.


That night....

-Ben walked up to a fire truck, in front of his house.-

(Ben): What happened?

(Fireman): Ben, your house burnt down, and your mom and dad... Are dead...

(Ben): But... Where am I supposed to stay?

The next day...

(Ben): What else could go wrong?

-Ben walked up to a tent.-

(Ben): .... Hello?

(Magician): Hello Ben. I could make your world different.

(Ben): Really? How?

(Magician): Sit back and watch.

-Ben was suddenly on a desktop screen.-

(Ben): What the...?

-Ben jumped on the Firefox icon. Firefox opened. Ben typed in "Where the heck am I?".-

(Ben): This should answer it.

-Ben was suddenly on a thing called "Facebook", logged in to his account.-

(Ben): What the heck?

-A shadowy figure appeared in front of Ben.-

(Ben): Looks like you have some explaining to do...

The End