Ben`s fans

Ben`s fans should be the fiftenth episode of Ben 10: Ultimate Alien.

Original Airdate

If this episode would, be it would be 30 Jule, 2010.


Ben faces the challenge with his fans, because they became crazy - they spy him, interviewers give him no rest and photographers sitting in the bushes of his home for photograph him. in cause of this Ben`s attention, Gwen begins to envy him. So she envy him all the time, before Ben understood the problem of his fans. Ben become angry and asked fans to give him a little rest. So his fans became resentful and Overlord in jail have seen it in TV. He builds a new armor from jail`s litter, now "N" replaced to "O", what means Overlord. He returns and becomes hero and earn money, on them he make a robotic Ben and make him do robberies and attacks on people. His (Ben`s) fans are angry and hates him now. Ben in loss of fans. Overlord phone him and he wants a revanche and true duel of hero and looser (how he says). Ben and Overlord fight and Ben won again. Ben ask him to say his fans, that it wasn`t him. His fans feel sory for Ben and becomes his fans again. All that time Kevin unfortunately mess with Vulkanus, because Slix Vigma captured them. So they tries to escape him. Of course they escaped and went their ways.



Aliens Used

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