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Ben 10,000: Aliens Unleashed is a movie series based on the timeline of Ben 10,000 with new villains.

Credit to Iluminate01. All of the pictures on this article were drawn by this fantastic artist.


The movie starts off with Driscoll, the main villain in the series, is travelling around the galaxy in search for the former members of the Negative 10 (Red Knight, Dr. Animo, Charmcaster, Clancy, Rojo, Sublimino, Thumbskull, Acidbreath, and Frightwig). All of the villains have new forms due to being from the future. The group agree to join forces once again to destroy Ben 10,000.

At Ben 10,000's headquarters, Grandpa Max has detected a bomb planted in Chicago. Ben goes there to find that it was a fake signal, and fell right into the trap of the Negative 10. Ben is defeated as his Omnitrix begins to malfunction, turning him into all the aliens he doesn't need (Grey Matter, Nanomech, etc). When he returns injured to base, Azmuth appears and says that the Omnitrix had been damaged since the previous year.

Grandpa Max uses the secret cameras and finds out that Driscoll had stolen Omnitrix crystals from the Omnitrix to power a weapon of mass destruction. Azmuth does his best to fix the Omnitrix, but instead of giving Ben the Master Control, he rewards him with many new aliens.


Recurring Aliens

New Aliens

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