Ben 10: Omniverse Good VS Evil
Season 5, Episode 50
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Air date April 8th 2012
Written by Jaakor
Directed by Jaakor/Ben 10 Gurl
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Ben 10: Omniverse is a new series by User: Jaakor featuring 16 year old Ben and his team.

Ben 10: Omniverse Good VS Evil

Ben 10: Omniverse Good VS Evil is a new series of ben 10 featuring 16 year old Ben Tennyson his cousin Gwen Tennyson, his best friend Kevin Levin and Plumber sidekick Rook.

Season 1 Arc 1


Well of course its the start of the series and in this season we will meet Khyber and later his dog. Many new villains such as:

  • Nova
  • Bivalvan
  • Cyborg
  • Tur-Bine

Plus old villains such as:

  • Dr. Animo
  • Sunny
  • Charmcaster

10 episodes kick off the series.

Second Arc


The second series digs deeper into the Khyber storyline and reveals Malware and Dr. Psychobos and their true intentions. it also brings a new character into the show called Ester who becomes Ben's girlfriend after Julie leaves. It is all fighting and victory either way someone will lose their life but for sure Ben will rise into  true hero. Many new villains such as:

  • Seebik
  • Dr. Psychobos
  • Malware

This season has 10 episodes.

Third Arc


Well out of them all th third arc is Jaakor's favourite. Julie returns and many new and old villains such as:

  • Electronica
  • Dr. Animo
  • Bivalvan
  • Darkstar
  • Khyber
  • Malware
  • Dr.Psychobos
  • Sonic Wolf

Malware's involvement is increased in this season when he becomes Ben's main foe. Throughout the season there will be action and fun and Jaakor's number 1 promise is that this season will be great. There is 10 episodes in this season.

Fourth Arc


The final season of the show and the darkest. Ben and co will face their greatest battle ever. Control Freak a dark evil demon who can mimic Ben's aliens wreaks havok on the Earth but with that many new villains return for a final battle.

  • Control Freak
  • Psyphon
  • Electronica
  • Khyber
  • Nova

Ben will face nightmares dopplegangers and his greatest foe LET THE DARKNESS RISE.

There will be 10 episodes in the final season.


Minor Characters

Overall Villains

3rd Arc villains

  • Malware (Main Antagonist)
  • Electronica
  • Darkstar
  • Sonic Wolf

4th Arc Villains

  • Control Freak
  • Psyphon


  1. Heatblast
  2. Stinkfly
  3. Four Arms
  4. Wildmutt
  5. Diamondhead
  6. Grey Matter
  7. Upgrade
  8. Ripjaws
  9. Ghostfreak
  10. XLR8
  11. Cannonbolt
  12. Wildvine
  13. Blitzwolfer
  14. Snare-Oh
  15. Frankenstrike
  16. Upchuck
  17. Ditto
  18. Eye Guy
  19. Way Big
  20. Spitter
  21. Articguana
  22. Buzzshock
  23. Swampfire
  24. Echo Echo
  25. Humungousar
  26. Jetray
  27. Big Chill
  28. Chromastone
  29. Brainstorm
  30. Spidermonkey
  31. Goop
  32. Alien X
  33. Lodestar
  34. Rath
  35. Nanomech
  36. AmpFibian
  37. Water Hazard
  38. Armodrillo
  39. NRG
  40. Terraspin
  41. Clockwork
  42. ChamAlien
  43. Fasttrack
  44. Eatle
  45. Jury Rigg
  46. Feedback
  47. Bloxx
  48. Shocksquatch
  49. Gravattack
  50. Crashhopper
  51. Ball Weevil
  52. Kickin Hawk
  53. Astrodactyl
  54. Toepick
  55. Walkatrout
  56. The Worst
  57. Molestache
  58. Pesky Dust
  59. Bullfrag
  60. Gutrot
  61. Whampire
  62. HeavyWeaponry

Dark Aliens

  1. Dark Heatblast
  2. Dark Stinkfly
  3. Dark Four Arms
  4. Dark Wildmutt
  5. Dark Diamondhead
  6. Dark Grey Matter
  7. Dark Upgrade
  8. Dark Ripjaws
  9. Dark Ghostfreak
  10. Dark XLR8
  11. Dark Cannonbolt
  12. Dark Wildvine
  13. Dark Blitzwolfer
  14. Dark Snare-Oh
  15. Dark Frankenstrike
  16. Dark Upchuck
  17. Dark Ditto
  18. Dark Eye Guy
  19. Dark Way Big
  20. Dark Spitter
  21. Dark Articguana
  22. Dark Buzzshock
  23. Dark Swampfire
  24. Dark Echo Echo
  25. Dark Humungousar
  26. Dark Jetray
  27. Dark Big Chill
  28. Dark Chromastone
  29. Dark Brainstorm
  30. Dark Spidermonkey
  31. Dark Goop
  32. Dark Alien X
  33. Dark Lodestar
  34. Dark Rath
  35. Dark Nanomech
  36. Dark AmpFibian
  37. Dark Water Hazard
  38. Dark Armodrillo
  39. Dark NRG
  40. Dark Terraspin
  41. Dark Clockwork
  42. Dark ChamAlien
  43. Dark Fasttrack
  44. Dark Eatle
  45. Dark Jury Rigg
  46. Dark Feedback
  47. Dark Bloxx
  48. Dark Shocksquatch
  49. Dark Gravattack
  50. Dark Crashhopper
  51. Dark Ball Weevil
  52. Dark Kickin Hawk
  53. Dark Astrodactyl
  54. Dark Toepick
  55. Dark Walkatrout
  56. Dark The Worst
  57. Dark Molestache
  58. Dark Pesky Dust
  59. Dark Bullfrag
  60. Dark Gutrot
  61. Dark Whampire

Video Game


  • Khyber will be the main Antagonist in the first Arc.
  • Many episodes of this series were deleted because of time consumance so it was decided to change the plot.
  • There will be four seasons.
  • With fourty episodes in total
  • Title picture credit goes to MagisterRay212

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