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Main Characters

Other Characters



Regular Forms

  1. Alien X
  2. Ampfibian
  3. Armodrillo
  4. Astrodactyl
  5. Articguana
  6. Blitzwolfer
  7. Bloxx
  8. Big Chill- Ultimate Big Chill
  9. Bullfrag
  10. Brainstorm
  11. Buzzshock
  12. Chromastone
  13. Cannonbolt - Ultimate Cannonbolt
  14. Clockwork
  15. Crashhopper
  16. Diamondhead
  17. Ditto
  18. DNBen
  19. Eatle
  20. Echo Echo- Ultimate Echo Echo
  21. Electrohacker
  22. Eye Guy
  23. Four Arms
  24. Fasttrack
  25. Frankenstrike
  26. Feedback
  27. Ghostfreak
  28. Goop
  29. Gravattack
  30. Glitch
  31. Grey Matter
  32. Heatblast
  33. Humungousaur - Ultimate Humungousaur
  34. Jetray
  35. Jury Rigg
  36. Kickin Hawk
  37. Lodestar
  38. Pesky Dust
  39. Rath
  40. Molestache
  41. Nanomech
  42. NRG
  43. Ripjaws
  44. Shocksquatch
  45. Snare-Oh
  46. Spidermonkey - Ultimate Spidermonkey
  47. Spitter
  48. Stinkfly
  49. Saberfang
  50. Slapstrike
  51. Swampfire- Ultimate Swampfire
  52. Terraspin
  53. The Worst
  54. Upchuck
  55. Upgrade
  56. Water hazard
  57. Walkatrout
  58. Way Big- Ultimate Way Big
  59. Wildmutt - Ultimate Wildmutt
  60. Wildvine
  61. Xlr8

Super Forms

Season 1:

  1. Super Diamondhead
  2. Super Humungousaur
  3. Super Snare-oh
  4. Super Ditto
  5. Super Rath
  6. Super Goop

Season 2:

  1. Super Terraspin
  2. Super Kickin Hawk
  3. Super Wildmutt

Season 3:

  1. Super ChamAlien
  2. More to be added...


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Theme Song

To the tune of the Omniverse Theme Song

Ben 10! He's a kid and he has a watch,

Ben slaps the Supertrix

He can transform and save the world from harm!

Ben transforms into Humungousaur and gets in a fighting pose

With his team he can save the day!

Shows scenes of Gwen, Kevin and Rook fighting villains alongside Ben

To stop and keep the badguys away! Ben 10!

Four slides of Super Goop, Way Big, Astrodactyl and ChamAlien

When troubles taking place,

Vilgax, Skate-R and Albedo show up and smile

He gets right in their face! Ben 10!

four slides of Badaboom, Ultimate Big Chill, Super Diamondhead and Ultimate Wildmutt.

When lives are on the line!

All ten original aliens line up. And then all the Supers line up too.

It's hero time! Ben 10!


Season 1

Invasion Plot

Professor Paradox gets an urgent message from alternate good aggregor who needs help!

Dimension Destruction: Part 1

Ben and the gang must battle for thier lives as Evil Ben goes to conquer thier dimension.

Dimension Destruction: Part 2

Ben teams up with Ben 23 once again to help stop Evil Ben from destroying Dimension 23.

Ben Quest

In the first Ben 10: Super Omniverse crossover Ben must team up with four other Ben Tennysons and fight mutated Vilgax and Aggregor from absorbing every Ben Tennyson's alien DNA!

The Strange Case of Mr. Pesident and Ben 10

Ben must help Teke and his people with poltics.

Sweet Dreams (Super Omniverse)

Ben begins sleep transforming.

Future Fiesta

Ben goes back to future to Ken's birthday.

Double Trouble

Ben's antics begin to go overdrive when he learns prom is in 5 weeks.

On a Roll

While trying to learn how to roller skate, Ben meets Cassie the DJ.

Prom of Power

Ben accidentally unlocks Master Control again and a newly mutated Aggregor is going to make sure Ben's Prom is a disaster.

Target: Rath (Based on the non-canon comic)

Jarret's wants revenge on the Appoplexian who ruined his snack in Con of Rath.

My Ex

Julie and Herve break up and Julie has no one to go to except...Gwen.

I've Got Goop In My Pants.

A special ep just for Goop Fest. Ben must go protect Viscosia from an army of rogue Incurseans.

The Faction Returns

Dr. Psychobos assembles a new Faction.

One Shall Fall: Part 1

Together the Faction plan to blast Bellwood with a Plumber space laser.

One Shall Fall: Part 2

Just as the Faction are defeated, Vilgax shows up to makes things worse.

Season 2

What's The Buzz?

Ben is stuck as a new alien form who is rude, mean, and everything NOT nice.

Heroes Divided

Billy Billion's new divider ray divides Ben and Rook into two versons of themselfs, one good one bad.

The Wizard of Osmos 5

In this Wizard of Oz pardody ep, Julie and Ship must help Rook the scarecrow who wants to make good wisecracks but can't, a cowardly Rath and a rusty old Kevin together there off to see the Wizard (Azmuth).

Race to Glitch Mountain

Ben must learn to control a new alien and stop Vilgax from stealing a powerful alien artifact.

The Eventful Life of Rook

Rook tells Little One and Ben of one his hardest training missions ever!

It's Hunt Day

Khyber has trapped Ben inside an old Incursean fighting arena inhabbited by Zed's Puppy who can transform into Preadators without a Nemetrix.

We Need a Hero to Save Us!

Ben's Supertrix is taken by Vilgax!

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