Ben's team gets sent on a mission, and when Vilgax strikes, Ben must get a new team, and he goes around the universe for it!

Alien's Used

  • Four Arms
  • XLR8
  • Water Hazard
  • Humongosaur
  • Ultimate Humongosaur


  • Ben's XLR8's chest in now Blue.
  • It turns out that if you put Water on Vilgax's sheild, it shorts out.
  • Ben's team in this episode was The Galatic Enforcers, a Petrosapien, Tetrax, Sugilite , P'andor, Bivalvan, Ra'ad, Andreas and Galapagous.
    • This makes all there 1st Appernces in Ultimate Team Tennyson, excluding Tetrax and Sugilite, which is there 3rd.

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