Ben 10: The outer stories is a series of side-stories taking place around the same time as Alien Force and Ultimate Alien. This focuses on multiple mercanaries, each with their own intentions.

Said mercenaries are:

Cold Stone, a Crystalsapien that is the current apprentice of Hoverboard.

Crash, a Kinceleran with a desire for profit.

Inferno, a Pyronite with an explosive temper.

Chameleon, a Galvanic Mechomorph who acts as the partner of Cold Stone.

Howl, a corrupt Loboan who could be seen as the antagonist of the show.

None of these individuals get involved in the center story, but they do wind up on Earth, where a race for power gets them to fight amongst themselves. Each character's past and personalities are explored through the episodes, allowing for a combination of action sequences and character developement.

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