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This episode was suceeded by Ben 10,000. This series was precedded after Ken 10.


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Ben Tennyson is freed from menaces and brought peace. Later Black Out and Vilgax appeared and took over Mt. Rushmore's Plumber Base and destroyed the Omnitrix. Ben is now powerless but not for long. Paradox gave him the brand new Omnitrix. Ben must now return to Mt. Rushmore to save the Plumbers.

Ben battles old villains such as DR. Animo, Hel and Vilgax and new such as Diablo and Aeonite.


The new aliens from the Omnitrix are -


Pyschopomp is a Pearlsapien from Planet Terraina. HE is able to teleport in very fast speed. HE replaces XLR8.


Gooey is a Polyshift from planet Lunareptillia. The planet is infested by Lizards. Polyshift were born from Lava inside the volcanoes but these cools down and become blue. He displays invulnerability and extreme strength and stretching abilities. He is able to shape shift. He replaces Goop.

Fire Lizard

Fire Lizard is a Pyrosaurian from Planet Petropia. Pyrosaurian were killed during Vilgax’s arrival in Petropia. He displays strength and flame controlling abilities. He replaces Heatblast and Fourarms


Jetblast is an Aeropteron from Planet Aeropela. He is able to fly so high and shoot neuroshock blasts. He replaces Jetray.


Freezer is a Cyrosapien from Planet Cryos. He freezes and is able to resist Heat. He replaces Big Chill.


Cerebellum is an Encephalonan from Planet Intellecto. He shoots lasers from its eyes and uses telepathy. HE can also use Brainpowers to utilize electricity. He replaces Brainstorm.


Stranger is an Intellectosapien from Ultranova B. He is able to warp and bend time. He has 4 heads. The first head is Equity which always speaks, second is Anger which is half covered and usually speaks, The Third is Necessity which is completely covered and seldom speaks the last is Nihility (emptiness) which gives reason and sees everything in the reality. Azmuth replaced Void into the user of the Omnitrix. The Stranger does nothing until the tribunal agrees. He is not like alien X whose is very complex. As the Void, Ben is able to use Equity, Necessity and Anger and make them agree on one subject. The heads cannot change the subject until the subject has finished. He replaces Alien X.


Swampflame is a Chlorosapien from Planet Biona B. The Creatures are plant-made carnivores who became flame-devourers. HE is able to eat fire and use it as energy. He is able to control plants too.


Deathvoid is a Spritonourite from Planet Spiritualia X. He is demonic alien which absorbs energy and use it as its own benefits.


Energybender is a Energivitalian from Planet Xenon.

Minor Characters

Minor Characters from Ultimate Omnitrix go there!!


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