This Video Game take place after Halloween Nightmares and the first game in ultimate Omnitrix Franchise.


Ben Tennyson is on a rush to save Grandpa Max and the plumbers. Later, Ben and Kevin finds Forever Knights using some alien tech to destroy a Centaur-like alien. After defeating the Knights and saves the Centaur, Ben unlocks Energybender. Ben meets Etoile, who explains that the Knights are working for some new villain. After, being teleported to Bellwood Bank, Ben finds Vilgax and some RNAliens. Vilgax captured Gwen and Kevin and steals the alien tech.

Later, Ben meets Thanatos who temporarily become the party member. Later, Dr. Animo sents Florauna and some mutants to capture Ben, in this level Ben unlocks Freezer or Cerebellum (to your choice). Ben realizes that Dr. Animo had captured Gwen. After, at Bellwood Fort DNA-X, Ben defeats Dr. Animo. Gwen explains that Kevin is captured by some Bermuda Triangle Jellyfish robots.

When, Ben went to the beach, Ben is attacked by Jellyfish robots later, he sees a Jellyfish robot but bigger that is Kevin after some boss battle, he reverts Kevin back to normal. Later, Ben meets Hel and Vilgax and regains the alien tech in Andromeda Galaxy. Later, he gives it Gwen while, Ghostfreak and he battles (Ghostfreak is an optional boss).


  • Forever Knights
  • Vilgax
  • Sonorosian and Giant Crystalsapien
  • Kevin Levin as Jellyfish Robot
  • Vilgax
  • Ghostfreak (optional)


  • Pier
  • Bellwood Carnival
  • Bellwood Bank
  • Fort DNA-X
  • Beach
  • Andromeda Galaxy
  • Bellwood Power Station (optional) (Ghostfreak Arena)

Playable Characters

Other non-alien characters/Party members

  • Gwen
  • Kevin
  • Thanatos
  • Tetrax
  • Etoile
  • Zeszon
  • Raphael

Secret Playable Characters



Gwen Tennyson Fire Lizard Jetblast

Destroy all objects


Unlock all the Party member even Temporary

Swampflame Energybender Cerebellum Freezer

Play as Ghostfreak

Deathvoid Escape Adventure

Unlock Presto

Momento Morphis

Play as Thanatos after Ben lost

Might of the Titans


Unlike other games, this is a talkable game where you can talk to your team members by giving chat command by hitting triangle symbol or X in PC. You can sometimes talk to villains if you have 3 omnitrix symbol during the game. In the end of boss battles, you might find puzzles. RNAliens infest in every level, they might change too. Since, this game is your choice so when you go back go front again some RNAliens will change for example Berserkers into Rocketpedo. You can choose party members.

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