Ben 10 Ultimatrix Overdrive Season 2
Ultimatrix Unleashed Season 2 Wallpaper
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Ben 10:Ultimatrix Overdrive! (Season 1)

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Sonorosian Adventures or Ben 10: The Power of 10 (Unofficial Sequel)



Season premiere

November 23, 2009

Season ending

March 3, 2010

Season summary==

Ben is now back home and is dealing with Worms,Cross Dimensions and alien visitors.Can he uncover more about this mysterious Daggergor's past and defeat him.

Season Info

Season 2:2009-2010

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User:Batking30 Oeey Goey Worms Worms Wormy 1 12


Battle of the Rexs! Duelist(Ultimate Tyranno) Ben-Rex




Farming The Green Glob Way! Green Glob None




Bivalvin and Bubbles 2! Lorkid,Daggergor Polygon


User:Batking30 The DX Mark 10's Amazing Journey!


Ben and Julie go on a date at a Fancy Restraunt and are at the the other side of the building so they can not see The DX Mark 10.Then some Teenagers come and get inside it and Hot-Wire it and drive off.Then the DX Mark 10 keeps activating all these gadgets to try and get them out.In the end they return the car and leave and Julie and Ben come back and go home never knowing what happened.
User:Batking30 Daggergor's Story! 6 17
In this one Aggergor's spirit comes to see Ben.Ben says Aggergor what are you doing here?I'm here to tell you the story of my brother.If you want to know how to defeat him we must start from the beggining.When we were children I was the one who didn't want to get in trouble.While he on the other hand was always daring to try.Our father was the king of the Osmosinas on our planet.So my brother and I had to behave or else told by our mother.Daggergor kept taking risks while I was to scared to.Until one day a Blistennitecame to our planet.He crash landed.I said we should go get dad.Daggergor said no how about you and I absorb his powers!I was scared Daggergor always was stronger when it came to that.We split his powers 50/50.He started by putting blisters on my hand it hurt so much.So I got revenge by using my powers to rip his clothes.Then I felt so strong that is when Daggergor and I turned evil.We went home and told mom we got lost that is why we were late.For the next few weeks he and I repaired the spacship.Finnaly after packing everything we needed we left.After that you know the rest.Power sucking capturing.Wow I didn't know Daggergor had a complicated past.Yep so please defeat my brother Ben goodbye.
User:Batking30 Cooking With Ben! 7 18
User:Batking30 The Gator Problem! 8


User:Batking30 Dark Storms(Episode)! 9 20
User:Batking30 Phones R Lost 10 21
User:Batking30 The Killer Machine Attacks 11 22
User:Batking30 The Sleepless Day 12 23
User:Batking30 Destroying The Army 13 24
User:Batking30 The Final Chapter Part 1 14 25
User:Batking30 The Final Chapter Part 2 15 26