The Player controls Ben, Gwen and some aliens from the Omnitrix and Omimatrix and Reinsarric 3 (only 3 are shown from the Omimatrix). There are command levels where Ben or the player must carry out task from his friends. There are Dream levels where Ben must save his friends from Ba Ba Yaga, the demon of Death from their nightmares. It is a beat-em-up game.

Normal Levels

I don't know - Ben must retrieve Gwen's spellbook before the Forever Knights took it.

Its hero time or not - Ben unlocked Eye Guy Battle Attack and find Charmcaster to retrieve the Brainstorm Totem Pole.

What is up with you - Ben must find his Qi Training Academy before Hex unleashed the Qi of Fourarms.

DNAlien and Karate - Ghostfreak took control over DNAliens and tried to destroy Earth. Reinsarric must take care of the action.

Gwen's part - Gwen must find The Benvicktor's Totem Pole before D-Void finds it!

Kevin's Big Score - Argit took the Rust Bucket. The Player controls Benvicktor and disable the Rust Bucket.

Command Levels

Kevin's Task - Find Kevin's Alien Tech stolen by Cash

Gwen's Task - Player controls Eye Guy (not Ben) and find Gwen's hair clip before Death Devil absorbed her powers

Ben's Task - Player controls Reinsarric and must remove the Xenocites from the Humans before the Null Void explodes

Dream Levels

Ben's Dream - Gwen must help Ben find his smoothies. Albedo is the boss in this level.

Kevin's Dream - Benvicktor must clean his car and make his car work before Baba Yaga destroy it. Charmcaster is the boss in this level.

Gwen's Dream - Reinsarric must sword fight with Hel before Hel took Veles's and Gwen's magic powers. Hel is the Boss in this level.

Tetrax's Dream - Free Tetrax from the nightmare of his planet's end. Baba Yaga, Argit, Hel and Albedo are the boss in this level.

Playable Aliens and Characters



Reinsarric 3




Four arms

Rubix Dude (unlockable in Ben's Dream)

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