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Welcome to Ben 10 Fan Fiction <name>!!!

What is BTFF?

BTFF is a wiki where anyone can write fan fiction about anything related to Ben 10 and view the fan fiction of others. We have 33,731 pages and counting! If you are new to BTFF, come check out the BTFF Guide and get started, come on! If you look down this page, you can explore many more features of this wiki that you might enjoy, and works of art that other people on this website have made.

We also have a chat room for anyone who has made at least 25 edits on this wiki, 15 of which have to be on main space articles. Once you do that, you are free to come chat with us anytime!

As of July 1, 2013, you'll need to register an account to edit. You need to be 13 years old or over, though; this isn't our rule, it is United States federal law that Wikia, the wiki farm company that hosts this site, is forced to comply with. For more information on the policy, see here.

Have fun!

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Featured Pages

The Featured Pages are a series of four pages at a time that are featured here on the main page for promotional purposes. Currently, we have aliens, series, characters, and, although not exactly a "page", users.

Featured Alien
Paradox Wasp

Paradox Wasp is quite simply a Time Paradox given a physical form. He was created upon Rex traveling through the multiverse too often and ended up coming in contact with a future echo of himself. The Deltamatrix scrambled the doppelganger's DNA accidentally due to chronoton interference and as Paradox Wasp was created as an amalgamation of various DNA mixed with Rex's as well as the chronoton particles.

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Featured User
Rex Forte Featured User

Rex is a user on the wiki.

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Featured Series

In this reboot of Ben 10: Inversed Roles, Albedo is the main character and Ben is the villain. Albedo lives in an alternate reality, where many people are on different sides. Ben, Gwen, and Kevin are all bad, however people like Albedo and Vilgax are heroes. The world is ruled by evil, being taken over about 6 years ago by Ben and his forces. The government and much higher forces are foced to do what Ben says, or face a cruel punishment. They are destroying worlds, brutally killing people, and taking bad care of many people. It's up to Albedo and what they call The Shattered to save everybody from Ben.

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Featured Character

Napoleon Eldridge is a Human from Earth, the main protagonist of the show Not Applicable, and a secondary protagonist in Tech 10: Rebooted.

"Just who do you think I am?! I'm Napoleon Eldridge! The reputation of my ultimate greatness spreads unbridled horror into the hearts of all the wicked and vile evildoers of the universe!"

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Featured Object

The Harbinger is a Specterian warship from Tech 10: Rebooted. The Harbinger was originally built as the flagship for the pre-civil war Specterian army. The most feared craft in their fleet, the Harbinger was eventually destroyed from the inside-out by a well-hidden bomb during the civil war. In modern times, the wreckage of the ship was eventually discovered, restored, and upgraded to modern standards by Warlord Kroz V, who repurposed it as his personal warship.


User Blogs

Blogs made by users about ideas that the people may want to share with an audience. The popularity of blogs depend on how recent it is and the number of comments it has.

  • PokeRob

    What I give thanks for.

    November 26, 2015 by PokeRob

    This probably isn't a big deal to a lot of you, but I'm thankful for a lot of things (even if I don't show it to some of the people that matter most, like family members). One thing that has meant a lot to me since I was just a tiny 9 year old boy.


    I have always just loved art of every kind. When I was 9, I took an attempt at opening up a deviantArt. You can imagine how that turned out. Everything was Ben 10 and was purely drawn in MS Paint, until I started varying my work in 2011, at the ag…

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  • PokeRob

    It's happening.

    November 23, 2015 by PokeRob

    EDIT: i have found a way to sneak onto the old laptop without anybody noticing... [insert evil laugh]

    I can't draw anymore. My mom is forcing us to move onto a older computer so that we can stop using hers. This older computer only goes up to Windows Vista from 2007, and only has 2GB. You need 16GB to update to Windows 7, the windows required for the drawing program I use (Paint.NET). So I guess no more drawing for me..

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Admin Blogs

These are blogs made by admins that usually announce upcoming wiki events or changes to wiki policies.

  • Sci100

    Hey guys. I am not officially back but because I didn't get the chance to do it eariler, I need to do this now so you know the plan, and we can get things moving. I will completely return on June 12th, but until then, please just know that I am still officially "inactive", this is just an overdue reminder. Also, this isn't a true Year of Community blog (which I know has been lacking), but I'm going to release another one once summer kicks off, so not to worry. 

    So as you guys know, Fanon Con has…

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  • Sci100

    2015 - A Year of Community

    December 29, 2014 by Sci100

    Attention: Sci100 is now ruler of Ben 10 Fan Fiction and your dictator. You will do as he says or be blocked. Hail Scidra. 

    accounts, which when cut down via multiple socks goes to 56. Now like the one above, I'm listening either the only or primary reason for blocking. Many users were blocked for multiple reasons (ex: a user who trolled also socked, but is listed under trolling, etc.)
    • 16 blocks were for sock puppet accounts. 
    • 9 blocks were for being underage and violation of COPPA
    • 6 blocks were gi…
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We've got plenty of users ready to help! Just go to the forum and find the proper board. Your question will be answered in no time, whether it's something as simple as adding a link to as complicated as designing a customized template!

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Ben 10: Heroes of Evolution by TJlive800 is the honored Featured Series of 2014!

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Starting out may be difficult. You may ask some questions such as "Where do I begin?" or "What do I do?" There are different ways to begin; there's no need to panic over whether you're doing it right or not! One such way is the Ultimate Guide to a New User, which is a giant guide to how you can start off on the wiki. It was written by one of our administrators, Sci100.

There are tons of users and admins there for you any day. Just leave a message on their wall and, if you're lucky, they'll respond to you in no time! When first joining, you are not allowed on Chaturn without proper permission until you have made at least 25 edits, including 15 in the mainspace, which includes normal articles such as series, episodes, and aliens.

After passing this requirement, you would be able to enter Chaturn and ask all of the users chatting away on there your questions!

Leaving a message on their wall is not your only resort! As long as you follow the instructions, you could go to the forum and write your own question! Your question could be anything that you are confused about on this wiki! Whether it has do it with coding or even if you don't know how to begin your series, you can ask any question and we'll help you answer it, just try to put it on the the correct board. You could even check the FAQ for Frequently Asked Questions if you think that your question might be there!!

Do you have a question relating to something that someone made? It could be any type of question that relates to anything on this wiki, whether it's a series or an alien. If you're confused, or just curious, search the forums for threads related to discussion and questions for specific series, found on the Series Discussion and Movies, Crossovers, and Collaborations boards.


What is "canon"? Canon means "part of the storyline." In other words, canon Ben 10 is anything part of either of the four Ben 10 series, or the comics, or anything in real Ben 10. There is another wiki called
where anyone can find real, canon Ben 10 info. This wiki, on the other hand, is for fan fiction. Fan fiction is anything about a subject written by fans of said subject. In this case, it's fan fiction about Ben 10.


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