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Ben 10 Fan Fiction Wiki, or more commonly known by its shorthand, BTFF, is a wiki where anyone can write fan fiction about anything related to Ben 10 and view the fan fiction of others. As of today we have 32,286 pages and counting!

If you are new to our community or Wikia in general, it is highly recommended you read our BTFF Guide to learn how to use the wiki to its highest potential.

We also have a chatroom known as Planet Chaturn. The only requirement to come on is that you must have made 25 edits on this wiki. 15 of these edits have to be made on regular pages that you created. Once you do that, you are free to come chat with us anytime!

As of July 1, 2013, you'll need to register an account to edit. You need to be 13 years old or over, though; this isn't our rule, it is United States federal law that Wikia, the wiki farm company that hosts this site, is forced to comply with. For more information on the policy, see here.

Another policy we include on this wiki prohibits any stolen material. To use anything created by another person, you must first gain their permission. If you do not abide by these rules, in some cases you may be eligible of being sued, as within the laws of copyright. To see more about the federal regulations of copyright, go to this link.

Have fun!

Featured Pages of Ben 10 Fan Fiction


Bomb 2 Hell Requiem is the Requiem Form of Bomb 2 Hell from Tech 10: Star Spirit. He has the ability to turn organic objects into bombs and detonate them at will. He can also create time-warping Chrono-Reversal Bombs.


Vertebrain is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Cranvius Sapience from the planet Cranvius. He is a free use alien made by Aaron. Vertebrain has incredibly fine motor skills, allowing him to manipulate objects to frighteningly exact degrees.

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MD Logo

Mutant Drake is a series by Brandon that follows the protagonist, Drake, as he and his friends battle against mutant foes and save the city. Drake is a not-so average teenager in an average world except that world is infested with mutated creatures and he has the power to change any part of his body into an awesome alien weapon.

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Ultra is the creator of Ben 10: Omnitrix Unlimited. He is a big fan Marvel Comics, specifically the Superior Spider-Man.

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Theodore Logical, also known as Theo or Tech, is the main protagonist of the series Tech 10: Star Spirit. Confident in his abilities and somewhat of a trickster, he uses the StarTrix to fight evil and save the multiverse, all while struggling with the evil inside himself.

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User Blogs

Blogs made by users about ideas that the people may want to share with an audience. The popularity of blogs depend on how recent it is and the number of comments it has.

  • ChromastoneandTabby

    Season 3 ain't coming out for a while, but that doesn't mean there isn't a bit of production going on behind the scenes. Here's a short scene that gives you a small idea of what might be going down this season.

    Aeron threw open the doors to the small shop, stepping inside with a slight grimace.

    [Aeron]: “Man, it’s been...hell if I know how long since I was here last time.”

    [Clockwork]: “About three years.”

    [Aeron]: “Woah, really? How old am I?”

    [Clockwork]: “Due to the effects of temporal warping, sti…

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  • Brandon 10

    Halloween Aliens 5

    October 16, 2016 by Brandon 10

    Ello everyone. Brandon here with another blog once again. It's that time of the year again. The time for thrilling moments, for haunting curses, for monstrous ghouls and for terrifying chills. Now that I'm thinking about it, I should have made that rhyme. It's time for Halloween once again, folks, so it's my general pleasure to once again introduce the legendary, spooktacular event of the Wiki (more or less):

    HALLOWEEN ALIENS 5: The Revenge of Eccentric Edits! (cue lightning strike and maniacal …

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Admin Blogs

These are blogs made by admins that usually announce upcoming wiki events or changes to wiki policies.

  • Sci100

    I'm baaaack.

    What? I should kill you all now and escape this place? (looks around) Sorry.... the voices. (gets looks from everyone) I'm kidding! .... that's not what they really said. 

    Anyway, here I am. I'm alive and well. I made it through midterms. Yay for me. Okay enough madness. 

    There we go. A good old regular TLDR Sci100 blog. Hold on! This is a reactionary blog. Basically, I'm responding to a bunch of different blogs and threads all at once without filling up wiki activity. It's worth read…

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  • Sci100

    Hey guys. I am not officially back but because I didn't get the chance to do it eariler, I need to do this now so you know the plan, and we can get things moving. I will completely return on June 12th, but until then, please just know that I am still officially "inactive", this is just an overdue reminder. Also, this isn't a true Year of Community blog (which I know has been lacking), but I'm going to release another one once summer kicks off, so not to worry. 

    So as you guys know, Fanon Con has…

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We've got plenty of users ready to help! Just go to the forum and find the proper board. Your question will be answered in no time, whether it's something as simple as adding a link to as complicated as designing a customized template!

Here are some ways that you can help us:

  • Categorize your pages! The category module can be found to the right of the edit window while editing, as well as at the bottom of every page when viewing.
  • Hunt down article stubs—articles shorter than 300 bytes—and mark them with "{{Stub}}".
  • Categorize other pages as well! Find out which pages have no categories in them.
  • Add a bit to your userpage so that people can identify you easily with a nickname—just don't add any personal info!
  • If you want pages deleted, mark the page with "{{Candidates for deletion}}".
  • Ask around town, so to speak. Get to know who our admins are. They can generally help out with blocking users who get out of hand.
  • Check out the Community Corner on the Recent Activity page!


All wikis on Wikia are forced to include ads. For registered users, these are only on our main page. For unregistered users, these are on every page, top and bottom, top-of-sidebar, and in the background. We have no control over the content of these ads nor over where they are and whether they're there or not. Thus we encourage you to register an account] if you're 13 or over.

Our wiki Spotlights at the bottom and in the far-top banner are also out of our control and can't be hidden. These are nominated by users of those sites on Community Central, and we cannot control what wikis appear on ours.

We are a 100% fan-run site and are not affiliated in any way with Man of Action or Cartoon Network. All content here, except for a few pages, are fan-created and are not meant to be taken seriously. Assumptions that we claim this to be canon are completely on you.

Our Featured Series of 2015

Horizons Logo
Horizons is an action/drama fan fiction series created and written by Yoponot.
The series officially premiered on November 28, 2015.

It follows Ryan Felton, a high school student who is beat up, picked on, and all alone. He has virtually no power until one day, he does. Originally aiming to use this power to take revenge, after an encounter with Shane Emerald, he discovers he's not the only one with these strange powers.

To see previous featured series of the year, click here, here, here, here, and here.

Our Featured Object of 2015

Napoleon's Sunglasses are a pair of special shades worn by the
eponymous Napoleon Eldridge from Not Applicable.

Initially a normal (if somewhat ornate) pair of sunglasses, Napoleon had made multiple attempts to throw them at enemies as some sort of useless boomerang. This failed on every account until episode four, where the sunglasses, previously damaged by his first encounter with the Zenturi, were repaired and upgraded by the professional Cerebrocrustecean optometrist Zenar.

After their upgrade, the sunglasses gained the ability to split into two thinner versions of themselves, grow in size, and return to their user.
To see the history of Featured Objects, please click here.
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What is "canon"?

Canon means "part of the storyline." In other words, canon Ben 10 is anything part of either of the four Ben 10 series, or the comics, or anything in real Ben 10.

There is another wiki called
That wiki is for all canon Ben 10 info.

This wiki, on the other hand, is for fan fiction. Fan fiction is anything about a subject written by fans of said subject. In this case, it's fan fiction about Ben 10.


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