Ben 10 Fan Fiction Clash contest is about aliens from One series competing from another alien from another series. The aliens will battle in Underwater, Space, Anur Phaeton, Khoros and Null Void locations.


  • The alien must have a page of its own (red-linked aliens are not allowed)
  • The aliens must be in one series
  • Powers and Weaknesses must be enabled
  • The alien must not have a omnipotent or must not have reality warping alien
  • The signing up ends next weekend.
  • There must be two aliens and the aliens will be sorted into a capable dimension.




Omernoy121 10:27, August 16, 2010 (UTC):Gas Planet, Dark Hole

ChromastoneandTabby: Overtide, Rockoustic.(Not omni-potent, check weakness's section.)

Charbel2001: Boulder ,Mountain Dust .

Ultimatehero: Electridragon, N-NME

Weirdo Guy: MultiFreak

spino neel:Pyro Wolf ,Ultra Vigax


NanoShip: Hothead, Waylighter, Elecman

Tyran Rex: Pixel,Hypnoblast

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