As you've probably noticed by now, the Ben 10 Fan Fiction wiki has the Achievements plugin active. Thing is, a lot of the badges for these achievements are outdated, and we could really use you help figuring out what to update them with.

To suggest a new badge replacement, please message me on my wall. If you've already left suggestions on my wall, please submit your new suggestions to the same thread instead of making a new one.

This page lists all the badges that have yet to be updated and/or need replacements. Please refrain from asking for badges not listed here to be changed.

Badge Rules

To be a badge, a piece of art should meet most, if not all, of these requirements:

  • Badge pictures must be original art. No recolors or edits.
  • Badge art must be clear and easy to see. This means no faint lines and/or uncolored images.
  • Badge art must have relevant usage on at least one page on the wiki.
  • Badge art should be worth putting on a badge. These are rewards, after all, and the art featured on them should be of enough quality to reflect that.
  • Badge art should be from a series either currently airing or previously finished. Cancelled series and series only in production should not be on badges.

There are a few exceptions to these rules, but they're fairly few and far between.

Editing Badge Track


Abstracting Some New Edits

Awarded for making 5 edits on articles!


Rocking Those Edits

Awarded for making 10 edits on articles!

Movies Badge Track


Movie Maker!

Awarded for making 1 edit on a Movies article!


Movie Sequel

Awarded for making 5 edits on Movies articles!


Animated Movie

Awarded for making 10 edits on Movies articles!


A Crossover Movie!

Awarded for making 25 edits on Movies articles!


Coming Soon

Awarded for making 50 edits on Movies articles!


A Big Hollywood Director

Awarded for making 100 edits on Movies articles!

Blog Comments Badge Track


Handing Out Some Commentary

Awarded for adding a comment to 3 different blog posts!

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