Below are the community guidelines that everyone is to base their editing on. Please note that there are a set of globally applying rules on Community Central.


  • Do not vandalize pages, spam pages/walls, troll the wiki, or flame.
  • Do not do anything that is specifically against the rules.
  • Be polite to other users, even if you dislike them.
  • Do not steal from other people without their consent, even if they are from another site.
  • If you want to use something that isn't free usage, ask its creator. If they say no or are inactive, then you cannot use it.
  • Do not evade a block by creating a sock-puppet account. Doing so will result in an immediate block.
  • Do not purposely start arguments over anything, especially controversial real-world topics.
  • Do not "God mod," which means try to do the duties of a moderator and/or administrator.
  • Do not attempt to get a blocked user unblocked.

In general, if you violate a rule, you will receive

  • A warning, followed by...
    • A kick, followed by...
      • A ban/block of an appropriate length, based on the offense.

When in doubt, use common sense.

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