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  • If you wouldn't put it on a page, don't say it on chat.
  • Keep in mind the blacklist.
  • Know who the administrators are.

In general, if you violate a rule, you will receive:

  • Two warnings, followed by
    • A kick, followed by
      • A ban of an appropriate length, based on the offense

When in doubt, use common sense.

Chat Requirements
As of April 5, 2013, this wiki has a policy that requires all users to make 25 total edits and 15 mainspace (normal articles such as series, episode, and character pages) edits before going on chat.

You are not allowed to edit the same page over and over again, nor are you allowed to edit pages made by others without their permission to obtain edits.

Administrators are in charge of deciding when a user has made enough edits or not, as opposed to an automated bot which would not be able to recognize "score-editing".

Note: Staff, VSTF, and trusted administrators and bureaucrats from other wikis are exempt from this rule.

Behavior and Activity on Chat
As a general guideline, if you wouldn't put it on a page, don't say it in chat. The following wiki policies also apply to chat.

Emoticons on Chat

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