• Do not vote on suggestion threads if you are ineligible.
  • Do not make threads or comment in the Magister Council board.
  • Avoid conflicts.
  • Do not go off-topic on forums.
  • Do not trashpost on forums.
  • Do not post personal information on forums.

The Forum Policy is meant to house the rules and guidelines that have to do with the forums here, which are boards that can be written about anything in the topics that currently exist.

Rules For Forums

  1. Inactive users cannot vote on suggestion threads - if you have been notably inactive for a month and/or longer, as well as have the 'Inactive' message on your header, you are ineligible to vote; you may comment, but voting is forbidden. You are also ineligible to vote if you are active but only come to message on walls or support your friends in arguments. Voting is reserved for real active editors of the wiki. 
  2. Suggestions - If you created a suggestion thread that includes vote, you are not eligible to vote for your own suggestion.
  3. Do not reply to Magister Council threads unless you are an administrator - this one is straightforward; only administrators are allowed to comment on the Magister Council. If you choose to reply, there will be consequences. 
  4. Avoid conflicts/infighting - It is best that personal fighting or anything above a minor opinion clash ahould not occur on threads. If you ignore an administrator's warning on this, you will be punished appropriately.  
  5. Keep forum topics on the forum - bringing issues that are addressed on a forum should not be spread over to chat or anywhere else but the forum itself. This can easily lead to arguing or anything negative regarding what the topic is.
  6. Shitposting - shitposting is not allowed on a blog, nor is it allowed on a thread. It's considered spam regardless of the topic, and it is therefore not allowed to be made, let alone highlighted.
  7. Personal information on forums - personal information is meant to be specifically for blogs, and should not be for forums. The topic of personal information can be used as a comment on a thread, but it cannot be the main topic of it or get out of hand.
  8. Spoilers - Do not post unmarked spoilers. If you want to talk about spoilery things, please use the spoiler template to hide your text.