Fanon Con is an event on the wiki that is held four times annually, during Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. The purpose of Fanon Con is to allow users to reveal information and perhaps spoilers about their series in a controlled setting, with a high possibility of other users viewing them due it being advertised, both for signups and when the actual con begins, in highlighted forum threads.

Submission Rules

Submissions may be any length and contain information regarding to any number of series. Any submission will be accepted as long as it follows the general policies and guidelines of the wiki.

Submissions should be posted at Special:MyPage/Fanon Con, using <!-- at the very beginning of the submission and
--> at the very end to hide the submission. Do not add the Fanon Con category to the submission.

Voting Process

The admins will each pick one of the days (Monday-Friday) to judge. They will base their votes on what they honestly think was the best, without any bias.

Writing Contest

This is how it works.There is a certain theme that all the contest episode submissions must fit. It does not matter what the plot of the episode is. If your episode is too long, it may be disqualified.

To sign up, all you have to do is say that you will do the contest on this thread. Users get until 2 days before Fanon Con to work on the submission. They are to place it in Special:MyPage/Fanon Con Writing Contest.

There is also a contest for Creative Writing but it's ways of sign up and how it works is virtually the same as the normal Writing Contest.

Once the deadline has passed, all of the submissions for the writing contest will be read by the Host and all the members of the Community Committee. When the Fanon Con blog is published, the winners of both categories will be revealed.

By Date






By User

Main article: Fanon Con/Archive/User


  • Spring Fanon Con 2017: Spring 2017
  • Summer Fanon Con 2017: Summer 2017

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