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Use this page to nominate and vote for the featured Episode, which will be listed on the home page. Use the button below to nominate an episode from a series.

Note: For help with the layout for the nomination, go here.


  • ALL votes, whether for or against, must have a reason.
  • As of July 1, 2013, as only registered users may edit the wiki, only registered users may vote.
  • Keep the layout almost as it is. Don't change the numbered and bulleted lists.
  • No voting for an episode you nominated.
  • You can change your vote. But you can't vote twice.
  • Do not remove your vote. If the vote is invalid or changed, strike it out1, but don't remove it.
    • 1Type <strike> at the beginning of each line, and at the end of each line, to strike out text.
  • Nominating something as a joke, ironically, or shitposting is not allowed.

Episode Requirements

  • Episodes cannot be nominated if the series is under 2 months old. Exceptions include revamped shows (i.e., Horizons).
  • Nominating an unfinished episode is not allowed.
  • It must be neatly done, meaning it has a list of the synopsis, characters, villains, etc.
  • The episode can be an older episode, so long as it complies with the rest of the requirements.
  • When nominating an episode, you must state what series it is from and where it is in the series (i.e., episode 5 of Mig X). If it is not part of a large franchise, say "standalone" instead.

Previous Winners



Ante Bellum

Created by Ultra and nominated by Ulti. It is the 11th episode of the series Ben 10: Omnitrix Unlimited.


  1. Very interesting episode that was, as Ulti had put it, really well written. Not only did it reinvent these villainous characters but it also introduced us to various dimensions with almost seemless transitions. Bit dark for my usual taste but, for what it's worth, that- itself- was executed well. It's time for an Ultimate Hero! 18:47, November 7, 2018 (UTC)



The Caves of the Cold

Created by User:Brandon 10 and nominated by User: Reo 54




  • My favourite Brandon 10 episode. Probably because Ī helped direct it. ~Reo~ 13:31, November 2, 2018 (UTC)