As a community oriented wiki, Ben 10 Fan Fiction has its own fair share of holidays and special events partaken annually.

Fanon Con

Main article: Fanon Con

A mimicry to the real life event Comic Con, Fanon Con has been created by Roads in late 2012, as a free podium for users to advertise their work and bring their announcements to the community in an official way. It is currently managed by the Community Comittee and certain chosen host(s).

It occurs four times a year: Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall, in that order.

Ester Sunday (Formerly)

Arguably the only "holiday" created by the community persay, Ester Sunday is a mimicry of the Easter Sunday Christian holiday, instead focusing on the Kraaho and Ester in particular. Users do a bunch of episodes and specials dedicated to the Kraaho and are welcomed to have Kraaho avatars during the event.

This holiday is no longer being celebrated due to various different religious beliefs. 

Alien Fest

Main article: Alien Fest

A semi-annual event that happens almost irregularly, Alien Fest celebrates an Omnitrix alien chosen by the community. During the week, users are meant to change their user icon to an image of that alien. Other common things are making episodes and movies about that specific alien and/or it's species.


Halloween is celebrated by various users through special blogs, holiday specials, and other activities related to horror. It is celebrated every year a little before Halloween up until the day after.

Annual Anniversary

The annual ultimate event, the anniversary of the wiki, occurs in November 21st of every year, celebrating the yearly birthday of the wiki. Party events and celebration games are chosen by the organizing hosts of the anniversary, usually admins. 

So far, six anniversaries have passed for the wiki.


Winter and it's related holidays (Christmas, New Years, Kwanzaa, etc) are celebrated for the majority of December. It is accompanied by a light blue theme for the wiki.

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