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Omniverse Awards is an event that happened every year on August, starting from 2013. It has so far been hosted by UltiVerse.

What are the Omniverse Awards?

Every year from 2013 onwards, a blog is posted to announce that nominations for the Awards are open, and users may nominate specific aliens or users if they think they fit the bill for categories like 'Best Canon Alien' or 'Most Serious User'. Recently users have been able to nominate categories for the Awards.

The Omniverse Awards spans over a period of three weeks.

What to do?

At its required time, the host of Omniverse Awards will release three blogs:

  • Nominating: In this blog you are to nominate the content you see for each of the required categories. You can nominate more than one however. Voting for your own content at this stage is somewhat accepted, but not advised.
  • Voting: In this blog, you vote for any of the nominated content. You can NOT vote for more than one, and nor can you vote for your own content.
  • Results: In this blog, the host will release the winning content. You can post specific comments like congratulating the winners, wondering why certain nominations didn't get votes, just cheering overall, etc...basically anything, but voting and nominating is over by this stage.






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