BTFF Record Book

The Ben 10 Fan Fiction Wiki Record Book is a collection of events for users to reflect on, such as when the wiki was made, when a user joined, or when a certain event occurred.


Generation 0 - The Beginning

On November 21, 2009, Duncan Crook was bored at his mom's birthday party and created this wiki out of sheer boredom. On the same day, Yopo joined the Wiki, helping to add some of the first images onto the site and add features to the main page.
Generation 1 (December 2009 - November 2010)
Batking30 and Waiyenoo111 join the wiki in 2009, gradually adding to the wiki's content. Omi joins the wiki on February 17th, 2010. Smallvilleantonio and Charbel join the wiki one day apart from each other in May. Slowly but surely, the wiki begins to gain users.
Generation 2 (December 2010 - October 2011)

Ancy, Brian, Joe, Solo, Brandon, Turu, ET, KrossCode, Agito90, Paper, and many other users join during this time.

Around this time, Roads joins the wiki and creates the then hit-series, Ben 10: Multi Trixes. As a result, many series decide to ditch the Paragraph format and go with the Dialogue format. 

The Colossal Christmas Crossover also occurs around this time, becoming the wiki's first big crossover.

Generation 3 (November 2011 - January 2012)
Dan, Jack, Toon, MigLucas, Zon, Ren, Sklei, Rob, Nar, Ship, and Rex join the wiki. The first Alien Fest, Cannonbolt Fest, is created by Omi after many users decide to use Cannonbolt Avatars. It lasts for 11 days, and is followed up two months later by Way Big Fest, beginning a long-standing tradition.
Generation 4 (February 2012 -November 2012)
ChronoDyloxx, RG, Cyber 10, Sierra, Max, Sci, Ahmad15, IRONHIDE12, Oussama, Mark The Alien, Lego Master, and Speedy join the wiki. Nick and Mig return to the wiki. Upgrade Fest occurs, hosted by Omi. Sub, Paper, and Solo are promoted to admin. The first Fanon Con occurs, hosted by Roads. It becomes a big hit on the wiki.
Generation 5 (December 2012- July 2013)
Sol, Ermac, Ulti, Dioga, Dark,  DFEstew, Bloxx, ISMTammar, Echo, and Ultra join the wiki.

Nick, Sci, Toon, and Sklei are promoted to chat moderators. Brian is promoted to Bureaucrat. The Second and Third Fanon Cons are hosted by Paper. The Record Book idea is thought of by Speedywoman

On March 9, 2013 Rob returns in the form of PokeRob. Fanon Con occurs on March 29, 2013, hosted by Sci100. On April 7th, Sci100 is promoted to Admin. An admin meeting results in Photon and Cyber being demoted, as well as Omi, Redo, Weirdo, and other old inactive administrators.

Generation 6 (August 2013 - January 2014)
Dragon, SillyBrian Dodd, and Street join the wiki. 

Summer Fanon Con 2013 occurs on June 28, 2013, and is hosted by Cartoon44. Alien Fest makes a return with Goop Fest.  Fall Fanon Con occurs on September 27th, 2013, hosted by NickFusi0n.

Lego is promoted to admin after an old friend retires from the post. XLR8 Fest occurs, hosted by Omi again, being the 2-Year Anniversary of Alien Fest. Winter Fanon Con 2013 occurs, hosted by Sci. Ben 10: Protector of the Omniverse wins Featured Series of the Year.

Generation 7 (February 2014 - November 2014)

and Shades join the wiki.

An Administrator Meeting hosted by Sci100 is held, deciding to make some changes in all policies. The Page Creation Portal gets admin support again.

The Ultimate Guide to a New User is created. The Navigation is updated for 2014. Featured Character is introduced. Brandon hosts Rath Fest. Spring Fanon Con 2014 is hosted by Lego.

Ester Sunday is created as an event. Chromastone Fest occurs. Summer Fanon Con 2014 is hosted by Ahmad and Ulti. Ahmad is promoted to mod. Ulti is promoted to Admin in Lego's place. The wiki's fifth anniversary is held, with pictures and celebrations to honour it.

Generation 8 (December 2014 - December 2015)

With the start of the new year, the Wiki adds many important policy changes and cleanup contests. Ben 10: Heroes of Evolution wins Featured Series of the Year. Ditto Fest occurs. Mig is promoted to mod, after Echo retires from his post. 

Spring Fanon Con 2015 occurs, hosted by Toon. Summer Fanon Con 2015 occurs, hosted by YoponotOmniverse Awards of 2015 occur, hosted by Ulti, Yopo, and Shadow. Fall Fanon Con 2015 occurs, hosted by SciSif and Yopo. Clockwork Fest occurs.

On the wiki's sixth anniversary, the wiki ultimately begins a new era with the birth of a new Community and the promotion of Ahmad, Toon, and Yopo to Admins.

Generation 9 (January 2016- January 2017)
Aaron, Primal, Thax, Slash, Bonnie, Creeper, and Waybig joined the wiki.

The year starts off with Ahmad retiring from his post, and in his place, Mig is promoted to Admin. Horizons wins Featured Series of the Year.

In March, the wiki became spotlighted for the first time by Staff, allowing it to be promoted under every page on every wiki. ChamAlien Fest and Fasttrack Fest occur.

After many years, Sci demotes himself from the position of crat, and Yopo, Mig, and Ulti are promoted to crat to run the wiki. Eventually, Toon is demoted, and CaT is promoted in his place. Yopo was subsequently demoted in November 2016.