The Spooktober Horror Contest is an annual Halloween contest created and run by CaT.


The contest involves users creating horror-themed works of a different type each year and submitting them to be judged by CaT. The submissions period lasts most of October, with the winners being announced on Halloween itself. As of Spooktober Horror Contest 2: Alienation, the winner of these contests receives a medal on their userpage and a prize of a horror-themed Steam game.


  • You can create completely original aliens, variations on canon aliens (evolutions, fusions, etc.), variations on free-use fanon aliens, and variations on any of CaT's personal aliens.
  • All aliens submitted must have at least their powers, weaknesses, and appearance detailed.
    • To facilitate this, all entries should have their own non-stub wiki page before submission.
    • To clarify, you don't need art for your alien (although the extra effort is appreciated) as long as you have a clear description of their appearance.
  • You may sign up for the contest and submit your entries before the deadline.

Past Spooktober Horror ContestsEdit