• This Blacklist is not to be confused with our wiki-wide blacklist; this is specifically for TV-MA shows.
  • If you are caught breaking any of the regulations below, you will receive exceptional warnings and you will be blocked depending on the severity. Check in with an admin if you have specific questions.
  • Below are the following regulations:
 # Syntax:
You can use any curse word, HOWEVER 
you '''MUST''' have the TV-MA template and the profanity templates available 
on the series page and/or episode page.

ALL racial slurs are NOT allowed and they will never be for obvious reasons. 
If you are caught using racial slurs, you will be exceptionally warned. 
A few EXAMPLES are listed below:
*nigger (and any variation)
*cracker (and any variation)
*gringo (and any variation)
*wop (and any variation)

Exceptionally explicit slang will not be permitted on here. 
Some EXAMPLES include the following:


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