As a community-oriented wiki, Ben 10 Fan Fiction has its fair share of wiki events celebrated by the community every so often.

Alien Fest

Alien Fest is a bi-monthly event taking place seasonally in February, May, August, and November of every year. It is a one-week long festival designed to celebrate aliens from Ben 10 canon. The particular alien celebrated at each fest is voted on from a list of potential candidates, and the alien with the most votes is the winner.

Methods of celebrating these festivals usually include, but are not limited to:

  • Aesthetic changes to the wiki itself.
  • New forms and redesigns of the chosen alien being created.
  • Episodes being written centered around the chosen alien.
  • Fan art of the chosen alien being drawn.
  • Users changing their avis in ways that relate to the chosen alien.
  • Memes and jokes being created about the chosen alien.
  • Various minor activities relating to the chosen alien.

Chain of Gifts

The Chain of Gifts is an event founded and run by CaT since 2016. The event has no set schedule beyond occurring around various holidays and happening about twice a year. The Chain of Gifts consists of users giving a randomly assigned user a gift, who in turn gives their own randomly assigned user a gift, and so on and so forth until the chain loops back around to the first person who gave a gift receiving a gift of their own.

Fanon Con

Fanon Con is an event on the wiki that is held four times annually, during Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. The purpose of Fanon Con is to allow users to reveal information and perhaps spoilers about their series in a controlled setting, with a high possibility of other users viewing them due it being advertised, both for signups and when the actual con begins, in highlighted forum threads. Several contests are also held to promote positive competition among users and to allow users to showcase their talents in writing and art.

Ester Sunday

Ester Sunday, introduced in 2014, was a parody of Easter Sunday, a Christian holiday. It was focused around celebrating the Ben 10 character Ester. In 2014 and 2015, on Easter/Ester Sunday, the wiki theme was updated to match Kraaho colors, and episodes and art dedicated to Ester were made.

Ester Sunday was phased out in 2016 due to our users having different religious beliefs.


Halloween is celebrated every October, with the wiki's theme changed to fit the season. The Spooktober Horror Contest is also held during this period of time.

Spooktober Horror Contest

The Spooktober Horror Contest is an annual Halloween contest created and run by CaT. The contest involves users creating horror-themed works of a different type each year and submitting them to be judged by CaT. The submissions period lasts most of October, with the winners being announced on Halloween itself. As of Spooktober Horror Contest 2: Alienation, the winner of these contests receives a medal on their userpage and a prize of a horror-themed Steam game.


Wiki Anniversary

On November 21 every year, a thread is made by an administrator to announce the wiki's anniversary. Users usually take the opportunity to reminisce on old memories that they have had on the wiki. The wiki's logo and background are also changed, usually as a throwback to the old days.


Winter is celebrated towards the end of every year, along with holidays taking place during the season such as Kwanzaa and Christmas. The wiki's theme is also changed to fit the season.