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This series is inactive. It's creator has not logged in since Nov. 4, 2010. It is unlikely that it will ever be written.Ben 10 OMEGA (later Ben 10 Ultimate Mutation) was the name given to the time period between Ultimate Alien and Alien Force where the Ultimatrix matfunctioned, turned blue and locked all but 12 aliens.

Major Events

  • Ultimatrix malfunctions and turns blue, locking all aliens except for 10.
  • Ben uses Bioment to destroy a segment of Forever Knights
  • Albedo tracks Ben down and, using what he salvaged of the original Omnitrix, defeats Ben as Humungousaur.
  • Ben, Gwen and Kevin follow Albedo to Komania, where they discover him breeding DNAliens.
  • Ben uses Thunderstorm, ThoranxR and Femur to destroy the facility, but not before Albedo and his army escape.
  • While in pursuit, Ben crashes on ThoraPoda and uses ThoranxR to make peace between warring factions.
  • The Accusect high chief brings Ben to neighboring Spherus Magna, where Ben defeats a warrior-like race as Polygon.
  • Gwen, Ben and Kevin discover a cave, which Ben accidentally wrecks as Trainer. Trainer manages to wrangle a spacefaring creature, taking the trio to Galvan Prime.
  • Ben corners Albedo and uses Jetray and Brainstorm to defeat him. Albedo escapes.
  • Gwen tracks down the DNAliens, which capture her and Kevin.
  • Ben catches up with Albedo and defeats him as R Gu. The Ultimatrix is damaged in the fight.
  • Ben manages to trim the ranks of the DNAliens with a new alien, Synopsis.

Ultimate Mutations

  • Damage to the Ultimatrix mutates all of the aliens into new forms.
  • Ben uses Big Tooth to free Kevin from the DNAliens. Ship is captured and destroyed.
  • Tetrahedron briefly escapes from the Ultimatrix, before being captured by Kevin.
  • Green Thumb destroys the rest of the DNAliens, freeing Gwen
  • Azmuth repairs the damage to the Ultimatrix, unlocking Chromastone, XLR8, Way Big, Cannonbolt, Rath and Wildvine in the process.


  • A robot with Vilgax's face begins threatening Earth. Bioment, Thunderstorm, Flashlight and R Gu are powerless to stop it.
  • Ben defeats a destructive alien in a building supply store, obtaining Mower in the process.
  • Mower attempts to destroy the Vilgax robot; this fails.
  • Albedo briefly returns, but is defeated with Mower and Chromastone
  • XLR8 inadvertently steals a valuable gem, but Synopsis manages to keep it.
  • ThoranxR arms himself with the gem and defeats the Vilgax robot.

Main Aliens

Additional Aliens

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