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This is a series by User:The Ironman. It is set in Dimension 10. Ben is 16 and he is using the Omnitrix for the first time in 5 years. Ben is now a hero again and he teamed up with a Revonnahgander named Rook to become an unbeatable force. Ben is ready to kick butt anywhere, anytime! Will Ben be able take on with the new villians and the old villans together?

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Ben 10 Omniyears

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Ben 10 Omniyears : Hero generation             Coming soon!

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Theme song


He's a teen and he want's to have fun,

but when you need a super hero,

he get's the job done.

Ben 10!

With the watch that he wears an his wrist,

he can change his form and make a butt-kicking list.

When trouble's here and there,

he beats them,make them fair.

Ben 10!

When lives are on the line,

it's heroes time.

Ben 10!


Highbreeds shall return.





List of episodes
Episodes Summary
Back in business part 1 Ben finds Rook and teams up with him.Animo returns.
Back in business part 2 Rook finds the omnitrix for Ben in a monster's belly.Ben defeats Animo
Omnitrix recalabbrating? The Omnitrix is now just like demension 1(Ben 10 Omniverse) Omnitrix.
A wish in time,saves Dime Ben finds a whising alien and uses him to save Dime.
Famous Ben Ben becomes famous and rich.
Nemetrix? Part 1 Ben finds the secret of the Nemetrix.
Nemetrix? Part 2

Ben finds the secret of the Nemetrix.

Wrath of rath Ben alien locks himself to rath by mistake.
Highbreeds are easy as a pie part 1 Ben and Rook investigates the Highbreed with Gwen and Kevin.
Highbreeds are easy as a pie part 2

Ben meets Grandpa again.

Highbreeds are easy as a pie part 3 Ben and team stops the Highbreeds.
The revenge of Billy Billions Billy Billions team up with Captain Nemesis.
Day as Gwen Check out as a day of Gwen.
The War of Jusctice part 1 Highbreeds revenges.
The War of Justice part 2 Highbreeds get defeated for once and for all.
The coma rescue Ben rescues Rook from coma.
The butt kickers united The team unites!
 Rise of Malware

Malware returns after 5 years!

MY COPY! Albedo tries to destroy Ben.


Fixing the errors.

Tony, Randy and Ben

The Teen Titans Go!


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