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In this game Ben has to chase Timeprince,Timeking,Starr and Anacy around past events while trying not and to fix history.

Playable Aliens

  • Tar
  • Het
  • Plantsy
  • Timer
  • Devil
  • Santa
  • Smoothie Man
  • Ben 2.0
  • Mana Wolf
  • Tiger
  • Nitro Kid
  • Bengluto
  • Corona Storm
  • Ghostly Bark
  • Zapppp
  • Rocky
  • GoldFreak
  • Blue Ghost
  • Joster
  • Kurfu
  • Joker


  • Confederates
  • Nazi
  • Japenese
  • British
  • Korea
  • Knights


  • Starr(2 Times)
  • Timeprince(5 Times)
  • Timeking(3 times)
  • Anacy(4 times)

Stage 1 Levels

  • Confederates Attack
  • Reasoning with Confederates or Dodging Pearl Harbor Bombs
  • British Fight


This game can go different ways

all the villains is just Timeking's family

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